Groupware and Computer-Supported Cooperative Work:
  Assisting Human-Human Collaboration

Morgan Kaufmann Publishers Inc. (San Mateo) 1987, English text 872 pp.

Groupware is multi-user software that enables `Computer-Supported Cooperative Work'. CSCW is computer-assisted cooperative activity, such as problem solving or communication, carried out by a group of collaborating individuals. Together, this technology and concept promise to revolutionize the use of computers. This book is a comprehensive introduction to this rapidly expanding field. The papers in this volume represent the best of the published literature on groupware and CSCW. Taken as a whole, the papers and their introductions are a complete sourcebook to the area. This book will be useful for computer professionals involved in the development or purchase of groupware technology as well as for researchers and managers. It should also serve as a valuable text for university courses on CSCW groupware, and human-computer interaction.


updated 1993