Post-capitalist Society

Butterworth-Heinemann Ltd. (Oxford, London, Boston) 1993, English text 198 pp.

In his latest book Drucker writes about the changes that are affecting politics, business and society itself. We all need to be aware of these changes in order to benefit from the opportunities that the future has to offer. Drucker writes `...that knowledge has become the resource, rather than a resource, is wat makes our society "post-capitalist". It changes, fundamentally, the structure of society. It creates new social dynamics. It creates new politics.' Peter F. Drucker is renowned for his prophetic books analysing politics, economics and society. These books span fifty years of modern history, beginning with The End of Economic Man, The Future of Industrial Man, The Landmarks of Tomorrow, The Age of Discontinuity, Technology, Management and Society, Men, Ideas, Politics, and The New Realities.


updated 1993