Mirror Worlds, or: the Day Software Puts the Universe in a Shoebox...
      How It Will Happen and What It Will Mean

Oxford University Press (New York/Oxford) 19922, English Text 231pp.

In this fascinating book Gerlernter takes us on a guided tour of the computer technology of the near future. Imagine looking at your computer screen and seeing reality-an image of your city, for instance, complete with moving traffic patterns, or a picture that sketches the state of an entire corporation at this second. These representations are called Mirror Worlds, and according to David Gelernter they will soon be available to everyone. Mirror Worlds are high-tech voodoo dolls: by interacting with the images, you interact with reality. Indeed, Mirror Worlds will revolutionize the use of computers, transforming them from (mere) handy tools to crystal balls which will allow us to see the world more vividly and see into it more deeply.


updated 1993