Groupware: Computer Support for Business Teams

The Free Press, a division of Macmillan, Inc. (New York) 1988, English text 192 pp.

The newest advance in business computing is called "groupware" - the emerging technology that will expedite meetings, give teamwork a real boost, and cut distances down to size without time-consuming business trips. Able to eliminate duplication of effort and provide immediate visual feedback, groupware turns the "personal computer" into the " interpersonal computer" and can revolutionize the task-focused, deadline-driven work of business teams. Already touted by major computer makers, these programs are speeding teamwork today at America's leading corporations. This early map of the groupware field for prospective users and product developers provides seventeen current user approaches to groupware. It evaluates the pluses and minuses of current approaches and gives an exciting forecast of goupware growth over the next five to ten years.


updated 1993