Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man

Routledge (London) 1994, Enlish text 359 pp.

What is the distinction between `Hot' and `Cool' Media? Who is `The Gadget Lover ?' When Understanding Media was first published in 1964, it was immediately recognised as a brilliant and revolutionary work. Marshall McLuhan's classic text offers us an all- encompassing exploration of the entire spectrum of communication as it has extended human horizons, from the invention of movable type through to the computer age. McLuhan believed that we are living in the midst of a turbulent, unseen revolution, where human technologies become extensions of the human organism and the central nervous system. His book is a fascinating analysis of all types of media packed with illustrated examples - myriad topics include road and paper routes, clothing, housing, money, clocks, transport, advertisements, the movies and weapons.


updated 1993