The Children's Machine: rethinking School in the Age of the Computer

Harper Collins Publishers, Inc., Basic Books division (New York) 1993, English text 225 pp.

Some areas of human activity - medicine, transportation, entertainment - have changed beyond recognition in the wake of modern science and technology. One that most definitely has not is School. Why? Seymour Papert set out a vision of how it could. He now looks back now over a decade during which Amercan schools acquired more than three million computers to assess progress and resistance to progress. In Papert's vision of a truly modern School the computer will be as much part of all learning as the pencil and the book have been in the past. With the new computer-based media, children will master areas of knowledge that are now inaccessibly difficult. Selfdirected work will allow an unprecedented diversity of learning styles and opportunity for students to learn to take charge of their own learning.


updated 1993