Passing Strange and Wonderful: Aesthetics, Nature, and Culture

Island Press (Washington D.C.) 1993, English text 272 pp.

Conventional wisdom suggests that aesthetic experiences - those moments when the senses come to life - are important only after more basic needs have been met. Yi-Fu Tuan demonstrates that feeling and beauty are essential parts of life and society. The aesthetic is shown to be not merely one aspect of culture but its central core - both its driving force and its ultimate goal. The author describes how the aesthetic operates in four widely disparate cultures: Australian aboriginal, Chinese, medieval European, and modern American. Yi-Fu Tan conveys the profound fascination of multisensory reality, and enables us to make connections amon the most diffuse elements of our lives. `Passing Strange and Wonderful' is a celebration of the world around us, our experiences and our creations.


updated 1993