Hypertext & Hypermedia: Theory and Applications

Sima Press (Wilmslow, England), Addison-Wesley Publishing Company (Wokingham, England,/Reading, Mass./Menlo Park, Cal.) 1991, English text 201 pp.

This is a book about hypertext and hypermedia - an approach to linking and structuring all forms of computer-based materials. It suggests a methodology for building applications and illustrates by example the vast potential for hypermedia use - from databases and intelligent information retrieval, to application and project management, electronic publishing and libraries, as well as interactive media. Separate sections deal with hypermedia products and provide comprehensive listings of PC- and Mac-based sources and an overview of commercial packages. In addition, the book: - Presents the theory and relates this to practice - Illustrates by example a diverse range of applications - Provides comprehensive listings of sources and products and an extensive glossary of terms - Assumes no specialist knowledge


updated 1993