D  O  O  R  S    O  F    P  E  R  C  E  P  T  I  O  N    5

raw transcriptions!


the transcriptions:

Janet Abrams       Play channels, media hybrids and experience

James Bradburne       New Metropolis

Lewis Bronze       "Espresso" we're moving forward

Uffe Elbæk       Kaos Pilots

Carl Goodman       
Tony Graham       The Child is always a head taller...

Stephen Heppell       UltraLab involved mainly in longitudinal research

J.C.Herz       Toggle your joysticks with pride

Peter Higgins       multi-purpose building

Danny Hillis       The play of business

Jan Willem Huisman        Creating the illusion of tactility

Toshio Iwai       Visual musical installations

Yasmin Kafai        Kids as game Designers

Alan Kay       The Computer Revolution hasn't happened yet

Dragan Klaic      

Brenda Laurel        Girls, Schools and Computer games

Ranjit Makkuni       Body Representations and Tools of Play

Bruce Mau       Manifesto for Growth

Caroline Nevejan       Push Technology through Critical Channels

Bas Ording        Interface Design

Jogi Panghaal        Body, movement and Joy

Rick Prelinger        Play through this century

Mitchel Resnick        Play the stereo or play the piano

Jez San        Game Technology

Johannes Schadé       Our Brain as information processing system

Michiel Schwarz       Cultural Playing Fields

Barbara Stafford        Visual Education, all-in-one

Marco Susani       Happiness of bottle openers

Gong Szeto       The interface designer's burden

John Thackara       A short History of Doors of Perception

Nobuyuki Ueda       Breaking contrains, construct our own learningscapes 

Simon Vinkenoog       Play and Poetry

David Vogler       Diversity, Creativity and Serendipity

Hillel Weintraub        Breaking contrains, construct our own learningscapes 

Annemieke Willemsen       Learning from the Toys of the Past

Femke Wolting        Lifesavers

Sarah Woods        Childhood creativity

Tim Wright       Technology changed the Character of 'Play'

Will Wright       Build, Buy and Live

Andrew Chitty       Illuminations Group

Eric Zimmerman        Rules, Play and Culture

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