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Fresh Picks
Metaphors and the Net grew out of Esther Dyson's EdVenture's PC Forum 1997. This doc links to websites that use metaphors of eg. the Physical World, Conceptual Space, Social Life or Traditional Media.

For the serious play of disinformation the best to connect to is the Infinity Factory: the realm of conspiracy theory, UFO's, psychedelic drugs, apocalypse, Satanism, the Manson Family—and more fun stuff!

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PLAY/TIME The power of play
cultural history, anthropology, social-cultural critcism, politics
GAME/PLAY Inside the games we play
computer and video games, new media, interactive media, Internet, video/film
PLAY/SCHOOL The design of play in learning
schooling and education, methodologies, didactics, children and learning, new media in the classroom, play as learning
PLAY/CHANNELS Media hybrids and experience
play and learning in different environments: museums, science centers, theme parks, theater, hybride media
PLAY/INC Beyond the infinite game in business
(new) business and/as gameplay, strategies, innovation
DESIGN/PLAY The shape of play to come
design issues
MISC/PLAY Anything else up our sleeves
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XTRA! PLAY/OUT Amsterdam On Line and Real Life recommendations
XTRA! NRC article about Doors5 (Dutch only)

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PLAY/TIME: the power of play
cultural history, anthropology, social-cultural critcism, politics

Games Kids Play
The rules and tools to 250+ (193K) children's games, from Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves to Zoom Schwartz Pifigliano

The Mudconnector
On the edge between play and learning: muds and moos for your convenience. This is your point of departure.

Educational and Artistic Worlds
A rich selection of virtual environments, neighborhoods, educational moos, conferences and classes, virtual travel and cultural exchange.

ELF, the Electronic Learning Forum
Moderated by Gregory Ulmer from the University of Florida, ELF fosters a.o. Distance Education, aiming at collaborative learning applying arts and new media to projects across the levels of schooling, and between education and other institutions of society.

Praise of Folly
Homo Ludens was preceded (historically) by the Fool, in the Praise of Folly: Erasmus of Rotterdam's celebration of the trickster, ambiguity, and ridicule.

GAME/PLAY: inside the games we play
computer and video games, new media, interactive media, Internet, video/film

Junior Summit Game Idea
Leon is a 12-year-old boy from Northern Ireland who went to MIT for a week with 100 other elected children to take part in a Junior Summit, 16-21 November 1998.
They're representing 3000 children worldwide who are using a web conference to discuss their ideas. Leon's online group, representing kids from all over the world, is working on a game idea.

Center for Advanced Whimsey
Artist and game designer Rodney Alan Greenblat's Center for Advanced Whimsy: Home of Parappa The Rapper and other things Cultish that hit the Fan.

The Games People Play
Greg Lindsay in Salon on the future of gaming: online, multiplayer worlds.

Moose Crossing
A place where kids 13 and under can come to meet other kids from around the world, build new places to hang out, and program cool objects to play with, Moose Crossing is a research project started at MIT Media Lab by amy Bruckman, being continued at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

A Brief History of Home Video Games
It's all in the title: all classic home video games are listed, hardware and screenshots and a brief description.

PlaySite ('the web's premier free multiplayer games community')
Now that home's connected to the net, you do remote boardgames. Great pastime if you're no player: Go-moku lurking in the online boardgame room of Go2Net's Playsite.

Three Players, Alphabetically ;-) Nintendo, Sega, Sony
http://www.nintendo.com, http://www.sega.com, http://www.playstation.com/global.html
Console Cred for the Big Three.

Hasbro Interactive
They aren't, but they made it: Monopoly (and Tonka and Star Wars). History and future of this giant corporation is on its site. And uh... yes: there's Monopoly on CD-rom, PC or Mac. 'Being sent to jail has never been this much fun!'. Would you believe it?

Ultra/United Games
Cherchez la Femme: Home of Battle Girl.

Back to the Board: The Game Cabinet
A monthly magazine published exclusively on the web. It primarily covers 'family, beer and pretzels, and strategy games'.

The Dialogue Game
All Players Become More Intelligent! Rules Are Discussed, eh... Dialogued. Check out this under construction(?) game, and let us know what it is about. 'We seek understanding, not products'.

PLAY/SCHOOL: the design of play in learning
schooling and education, methodologies, didactics, children and learning, new media in the classroom, play as learning

The World Wide Web Educational Virtual Library
http://www.csu.edu.au/ed ucation/library.html
Listing oodles of links to websites and mailing lists and news groups this is your perfect jump board to educational media and networks.

Engines for Education
Roger Schank's Institute for the Learning Sciences' 'hyper-book', about what's wrong with the education system, how to reform it, and especially, about the role of educational technology in that reform.

The Nordic Center for Research on Toys and Educational Media
This is a research center at Halmstad University which aims at the increase of progressive international research on toys. For some of their projects see http://www.hh.se/dep/ncfl/Projekt.html

'Connecting the children of the world' 2B1 sees children as active agents in the affairs of the world. Current pilot projects focus on children, learning and computers, a.o. in Costa Rica and Thailand (with MIT), and in the organisation of a Junior Summit, online from September 1.

PLAY/CHANNELS: media hybrids and experience
play and learning in different environments: museums, science centers, theme parks, theater, hybrid media

Advertising as an End in Itself
In the age of hybrid media, advertising money follows the path of attention. Michael H. Goldhaber draws some interesting conclusions on the $2,000,000.00/30sec advertising rate of the last Jerry Seinfeld show. How ads are forced to 'artistically' outshine their hosting programmes.

The JenniShow
The bi-weekly webcast with attitude. Watch the redhead stream her walk and talk.

Electronic Entertainment Expo E3 1999, May 13-15
To decide whether or not to go to LA check out the '98 Atlanta E3 wrap up on this site. It's the only event dedicated solely to the electroninc entertainment (interactive, educational, online, and 'special') industry—publishers, manufacturers, developers.

Yesterland, a themepark on the web
Learning from one's mistakes, or playing with them? Werner W. Weiss has all Disneyland's discontinued attractions in this blast from the past extravaganza, which also links to other sites (not) Disney.

PLAY/INC: beyond the infinite game in business
(new) business and/as gameplay, strategies, innovation

The Information Economy
When one site fits all: the most complete link for the new economy—the economics of the Internet, information goods, intellectual property and related issues—indeed a very rich site.

The Industry Standard
'The Newsmagazine of the Internet Economy' can't be missed to flow in the know, with its economy Index, Media Grok and Special Reports.

DESIGN/PLAY: the shape of play to come
art, design, architecture, crafts, skills

Smart Architecture
"What is Smart Architecture?" This funky designed website tries to find the answer to this question by discussing it with the Internet community. In their "manifest" or "goals and objectives" you'll find the first thoughts on Smart Architecture.

Reggio Emilia
The world famous pre-school environment where learning and playing merges. Having been promoted from a local Italian kindergarten to a pedagogical model embraced from Australia to St. Louis, 'Reggio Emilia' ('realising the potential of children') is well connected via this site.

Mi Casa Es Tu Casa/My House Is Your House by Sheldon Brown
Virtual reality artwork in which children interact between installations at the National Center for the Arts in Mexico City and the Children's Museum in San Diego, in a constantly changing and evolving digital world representation.

anything else up our sleeves...

George Gilder's Telecosm Index is a growing pile of documents that could make it into chapters of the book that's been in progress for ever, so if it turns out to be vaporware after all, you read it online.

Ludos Out There
Jackpots and real money in the online gambling areas. Ludos are your main currency here. On the other hand (no pun intended) the River Belle Cash Splash just paid out $82,789 in one jackpot...

Web Citations
Another way to work around the web is jumping from the Atlantic Monthly's 'unbound' web citations file, which features from Dharma Geeks, to Beyond Interface.

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