D  O  O  R  S    O  F    P  E  R  C  E  P  T  I  O  N    5
Doors of Perception has won a "Peoples Choice Award" at the 1999 Webby Awards. The Webbys - described as 'the Oscars of the Internet' by the San Francisco Chronicle - are the leading honors for digital media. Nomination for this award signifies the highest standard of excellence on the part of a web team.

The Webby Awards are nominated and chosen by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences whose members include musician David Bowie; futurologist Esther Dyson; film director Francis Ford Coppola; author J.C. Herz; game designer Rand Miller; and software designer Mark Pesce.

In addition to www.doorsofperception.com, Webby nominees for 1999 included Amazon.com; The Global Schoolhouse; The Wall Street Journal; New York Times Online ; CNN Interactive; Scientific American; Travelocity; and FedEx.

There were two awards: The Webby Award, selected by IADAS; and The People's Voice Award - which Doors won - chosen by 130,000 members of the public via the Internet.

A complete list of nominees, judges, and winners may be seen at www.webbyawards.com.
¶ True, it's Over! but check out the LIVE doors
The Students of the HKU made the LIVE webcasting website interesting enough to still read for example the audience reactions and the short summaries of the speeches given
¶ Here's some conference pictures
¶ You can still find the doors 5 conference schedule for referential purposes.
¶ Test the Doors 5: Play QuoteScape
Doors 5 is testing the beta version of its hypertextual playground / grafiti-wall at http://www.doorsofperception.com/doors5/play. Do join! If only to test the speed of your machine's CPU? And see your wits being trashed by your peers, or engage in a real-time lay-out battle with the positioning and sizing tools provided? Yes it is still a litlle buggy, but less and less so. Your continued testing will only improve its performance and, not unlikely, the conference's input! Bring your Netscape or IE 4.x to the playground.
¶ Speed published
A book inspired by Doors of Perception 4: Speed is published. Among its contributors are JG Ballard, Paul Virilio, Robert Musil, Susan George, Peter Wollen. Wolfgang Sachs and Ivan Illich, editors are Jeremy Millar and Michiel Schwarz.
Published by the Whitechappel Art Gallery and The Photographers' Gallery, London in association with Macdonald Stewart Art Centre and the Netherlands Design Institute.
180 pages, 112 illustrations, ISBN 0 907879 543

For information and orders you can mail yvonne@design-inst.nl

updated 5 march 1999