Projects Round Table

Doors of Perception 9 takes place in New Delhi 28 February to 4 March 2007. The theme is Juice: Food, Energy, Design.

Doors 9 begins with a two-day Project Leaders Round Table. This is followed by an open-to-all one day conference at India Habitat Centre, plus a Social Technologies Bazaar, on Saturday 3 March. For the Round Table, we published a call for participants whose project raises interesting design issues in relation to:

  • Food information systems (food miles, energy use, GMOs);
  • Localisation of food systems (Community Supported Agriculture);
  • Urban farming (rooftop, vertical…);
  • Sustainable packaging and distribution;
  • Slow food using high tech;
  • Long-distance foods that are OK (beer recipes, acorns...)

New forms of community cooking (meal assembly centres);

  • Agritourism;
  • Street food.

We asked proposers to send us an email in answer to these six questions:

  • 1) Why? = the main question being asked by the project
  • 2) Who are the actors/partners?
  • 3) Where? (the locality or situaton)
  • 4) What are the desired outcomes/results of the project?
  • 5) When (timeframe)?
  • 6) How can the Round Table help? What problem, challenge or dilemma does the project face, that the assembled experts can help you with?

More than 50 project proposals were received. These are being reviewed by: Aditya Dev Sood, Centre for Knowledge Societies (CKS); Debra Solomon,; Juha Huuskonen, PixelAche; Amy Franseschini, futurefarmers; John Thackara, Doors of Perception.


A small number of places has been reserved for wild card projects that missed the formal deadline. Send your project description email (Subject header: "juice project") to: