• What is Doors of Perception?
    Doors is a conference, website, knowledge network, and cultural accelerator. We bring together innovators, entrepreneurs, educators, and designers who want to imagine alternative futures - sustainable ones - and take design steps to realize them.
  • Who will attend Doors of Perception 9?
    Doors of Perception is for people interested in the use of emerging technologies to achieve sustainable and socially-responsible growth in emerging economies.
    This bi-annual design event brings together entrepreneurs, innovators, designers.
  • I'm not a designer. Why should I come to a design event?
    If you ever need "to devise a course of action aimed at changing an exisiting situation into a preferred one" you're designing (A definition of design by Herb Simon, given to us by Malcom McCullough).
  • Why do people come?
    These are new times. People participate in Doors who need to imagine sustainable and engaging futures - and take design steps to realize them. Our shared objective is to enrich our understanding and use of the design process.
  • Why should my company send people to Doors?
    In order to do things differently, organisations need to see things differently. Doors is a lens which helps companies look at the world in new ways. We explore next-generation service and product concepts, and develop exploitable insights, tools, and knowledge.
  • What should I tell my boss?
    The industrial revolution was launched in part by knowledge about textile production brought from India to Europe. The same can happen with knowledge about daily-life services brought from India, today;
  • Doors 9 is about next-generation service and product concepts;
    India is a world-class incubator of new business models. The “Public Call Office” concept enabled hundreds of millions of people to gain telephone access, within a few years.
  • What’s coming next?
    India’s software companies are determined to move up the value chain, globally. They need help to do that.
  • Who is going to help them?
    Grassroots innovators in India combine bible-age lifestyles with cutting edge technology.
  • How did they do that?
    The quality of networking done at Doors is legendary. You'll meet industry experts and working designers willing to help you with all aspects of design.
  • Tell your boss about the multiplier effect: Offer to make a presentation of your experience at Doors to your colleagues when you get home.
  • Doors seems rather on the edge of what I need to do my job
    We hope so. Why go all the way to India for business-as-usual?
  • Money is tight. Cost is an issue right now.
    Some delegates to Doors split the costs with their employer. You you pay travel, she pays the registration, for example.
  • Does your company offer tuition reimbursement?
    Participation in Doors might qualify as continuing education. If you are self-employed, you should deduct the costs of your participation from your taxes.
  • Do you offer scholarships?
  • What will I take away after the conference?
    A better understanding of the design process. Scenarios for services that meet emerging needs in new ways. New connections and capabilities among innovative people and organizations
  • There are hundreds of events out there. Why should I choose Doors?
    We bring together different disciplines and communities that would not otherwise meet. These connections lead to all manner of new relationships and projects.
  • How do I get to speak at Doors?
    With difficulty. Doors of Perception is not an academic conference - therefore we usually do not call for papers. Rather, we spend a lot of time researching our theme, looking for projects, and inviting people to participate in a completely undemocratic way.
  • Can I send in my name as a speaker?
    By all means. If you put a name forward, it is added to our speakers long list, where it will be considered - but you will only hear from us if you are shortlisted as a speaker. Messages with the words "my client" or "our latest products" in them will be trashed automatically by a bot.
  • Will you publish the proceedings?
    Yes. On this website.
  • How do I keep in touch?
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