If you are interested in sponsoring Doors of Perception 9, please contact aditya@cks.in in India or john@doorsofperception.com in Europe/USA.

This briefing explains:  

Top 10 Reasons to Sponsor Doors of Perception 9

  • The opportunity explained
  • The takeaway
  • The role of sponsors play
  • The kind of organisations that sponsor Doors
  • Who speaks
  • Who else participates
  • How we promote it
  • Press and media policy

Top 10 Reasons to Sponsor Doors of Perception 9

10. Reboot Yourself

At Doors you will attend presentations and workshops as well as participate in round-table discussions and conversations with design professionals from around the globe. These interactions engender new ways of thinking; you and your team will come upon more innovative approaches to everyday design challenges.

9. Share design processes with professional peers

Doors is a global gathering of innovative design professionals and the best place to exchange ideas and process innovations with your peers from around the world.

8. Reconnect with innovative subcultures

Doors has a tradition of bringing together the most innovative young minds who are at the cutting edge of design, fashion and technology trends. What they are doing today will set the tone for the future. All organizations interested in engaging with ithe next generation therefore have an interest in connecting with these innovative subcultures.

7. Meet bright young designers and design students

The Doors of Perception Conference is run on a not-for-profit basis. Your sponsorship will allow us to subsidize talented young design students and teachers from India and other emerging economies, who would not otherwise be able to attend the conference. Design students and young design professionals are a vital factor in making Doors a success. You can take advantage of this opportunity to add new and exciting talent to your design team.

6. Meet representatives from design schools

You will gain access to the innovative faculty of Indian and international design schools at doors. New partnerships and collaborations forged here will help your organization for years to come.

5. Discover new trends in product and service design

Professional design teams and entrepreneurial start-ups will make presentations on their current projects at Doors. You will gain insight into the new trends that are shaping contemporary product and service design and innovation.

4. Learn how to deploy emerging technologies

Most companies struggle to get their technology innovations out of the lab and into the hands of real users. Workshops and talks at Doors will focus on deploying emerging technologies in the real world.

3. Learn how to design for emerging economies

As a sponsor your design team will get free access to the special 'Design for Emerging Economies Workshop.' You and your team will learn how to bring user insight from emerging economies into your product development and innovation processes.

2. Learn socially and environmentally responsible design

What is the responsibility of a designer to the society he is creating for and the environment that he inhabits? At Doors you will learn how to initiate design processes that take into full account the social and environmental impact of the end product.

1. Learn to unleash innovation within your organisation

The opportunity

Doors of Perception is for people interested in the use of emerging technologies to achieve sustainable and socially-responsible growth in emerging economies.

This bi-annual design event brings together entrepreneurs, innovators, designers.

The ninth edition of the Doors of Perception Conference will take place in New Delhi from February 28th to March 4th, 2007. Designers, product developers, entrepreneurs, urbanists  and grass-roots  innovators, from different parts of the world, will discuss design dimensions of food and food energy systems.

Doors 9 begins with a two-day Project Leaders Round Table that is limited to 50 participants. This is followed by an open-to-all one day conference at India Habitat Centre, plus a Social Technologies Bazaar, on Saturday 3 March.

Doors 9 will be a week-long mixture of presentations, peer-to-peer interaction, and visits in and around that amazing city.

Design and business cases will be discussed that touch on:

  • shared use scenarios, and the standards and structures needed to enable them;
  • service design that is sensitive to culturally-embedded practices;
  • media ecologies and informational flows in low density environments;
  • location based information services in non-urban situations; 
  • tools and methodologies for mapping local knowledge;
  • new business models

Doors has been described as “the nearest thing the design world has to a World Economic Forum” (by Hugo Manassei of Nesta in London).

 India’s Economic Times described Doors East, in 2003,as “the most avant garde event the IT world has seen”.

And for Charles Leadbeater, Tony Blair’s favourite futurist, our invitation to DoorsEast was "probably the most interesting invitation I've had in ten years

We want to partner with a small number of companies and organizations to make Doors 9 in New Delhi a success. We are looking for partners who will help us with resources, and send interesting people to the event.

The take-away

Doors 8 is about next-generation service and product concepts. You will leave with ideas for new services, and many of the connections and capabilities you will need to implement them.

Doors brings different disciplines and communities together that would not otherwise meet. These connections lead to high-value relationships, projects and new business ventures.

Doors is the cutting edge meeting place for service design innovators - and for the entrepreneurs and visionaries who would like to work with them.

What role do sponsors play at Doors?

Doors is not like traditional industry events. A Doors conference is about knowledge exchange and building up a community. It is not about hyping or selling products.

Doors is independent, and is about knowledge-sharing. Doors does not push technology and nobody is allowed to promote products.

We therefore want to partner with companies with an  intelligent, long-term approach to innovation who share out curiosity about platforms for social innovation.We want to learn from our sponsors, not just take their money.

If you can relate to such an approach, and like the look of the content and the crowd at Doors, read on.

What kinds of organization sponsor Doors?

Our main sponsors in Bangalore for  http://www.doorseast.com/ were: Hewlett Packard; Nokia; Infosys; Philips; Spirit of Creation; Mondriaan Foundation; Netherlands Ministry of Culture Science and Education (OC+W)

Who speaks at Doors?

A Doors line-up is cutting-edge. The Doors buzz is unique because we feature who-will-be-who as well as who-is-who. The range of presenters has included writers (Manuel De Landa, Andrew Ross); philosophers (Ivan Illich, Pierre Lévy, Derrick de Kerckhove); architects (Rem Koolhaas, Christopher Alexander, Adriaan Geuze); designers (Bruce Mau); computer scientists (Danny Hillis, Mitchel Resnick), software developers (Kai Krause, Pattie Maes, Mark Pesce); industrial ecologists (Ezio Manzini, Wolfgang Sachs); economists (Susan George); game developers (Sim City's Will Wright, Stuart Butterfield); fashion forecasters (Li Edelkoort); Vatican internet experts (Claude Gaignebet); childrens theatre directors (Tony Graham); journalists (J C Hertz, Oliver Morton, Chee Pearlman); media artists (Toshio Iwai, Jeffrey Shaw, Gerald Van Der Kaap); museum directors and curators (James Bradburne, Kapila Vatsayan, Paola Antonelli).

Who participates at Doors?

Doors participants are as interesting as the speakers – often more so. (Ask anyone who has been). Our smart and committed community includes designers, entrepreneurs, people from government, education, city councils, science, art, and other knowledge domains. Our delegates have come from more than 50 countries. The same goes for the 500,000 people who visit the website each year.

How do we promote the conference?

Word-of-mouth amplified by email.

What about the press and media?

Interesting and influential journalists come to Doors. Doors is not a trade show scrum, and we are rather picky about which journalists we accredit. We encourage writers and reporters to be as critical and controversial as they wish: their stories and broadcasts keep the debate going.

Comments about previous Doors of Perception events

Indian Express

"This could be a beginning which will make the internet a part of our daily lives." 

"Top conceptual thinkers ruminate on sticky new media subjects."

"Designers, scholars, environmentalists, and business leaders , come from all over the world."  UTNE READER (USA)

"Examining new paths to development . . . a place where key questions are raised."  SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN (USA)

"An international focal point for new thinking on innovation."

Unique thinking about knowledge work in the new economy."

"An international meeting point between design, industry, and culture."
ID Magazine (USA)

"Brilliant insights into the internet and sustainability."


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