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Doors of Perception 2 (1994)

Christopher Alexander: Domestic Architecture
John Perry Barlow: Home on the Ranch
Florian Brody: My Home is my Memory
Amy Bruckman: Virtual Professional Community"
David Chaum: Digital Money
Manuel DeLanda: Homes: Meshwork or Hierarchy?
Vincent Grosso: Entertainment power of Interactive Television
Lynn Hershman: Virtual Love & the Twisted Chord
Hiroshi Ishii: Towards Seamless Collaboration Media
Pattie Maes: Virtual Pets, Digital Alter-Egos a.o.
William Mitchell: Recombinant Architecture
Stephen Perrella: Being @ Home as becoming Information and Hypersurface
Fiona Raby &
Anthony Dunne
Fields and Thresholds
Mitch Ratcliffe: Interactive Television and Telecommunications Networks
Dick Rijken: Designing Experience
Jeffrey Shaw: @ Home with Jeffrey Shaw
Marco Susani: Sensorial Expectations of Home
Philip Tabor: Striking Home: the Telematic Assault on Identity"
Shin-ichi Takemura: Eco-Aesthetic Home
Jeff Taylor: Towards Domestic Heritage Multimedia
Pauline Terreehorst: A Post-Modern Family Home
Peter Lamborn Wilson: Virtual Enclosure

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